What Wood He Do for A Twin-Cad-Motored Car?

The last thing you'd expect from a man named Nickel is a car made of mahogany. (We daren't go for the wooden-Nickel joke.) But that's just what Jerry Nickel, of Apache Junction, Arizona came up with. Powered by two 500-inch Cadillac mills, each driving one set of wheels, Nickel's creation was built over four years… » 4/13/06 1:36pm 4/13/06 1:36pm

What Wood He Do for a Mercedes 300 SL?

Finding runners up for the Most Badassed Carpenter in the Western World award just got easier by one. Udo Haase of Germany, absolute murder with a band saw, carved this Mercedes 300SL gullwing replica out of pine, part by part, and constructed it without the benefit of modern contrivances like nails and screws. By way… » 11/10/05 1:00pm 11/10/05 1:00pm