Here Are The Grueling Ways Le Mans Is Destroying Cars This Year

Did you take a catnap, have to wee and/or get held up by some fartknocker making an eighteen-point turn in a Ferrari on a glorified cowpath? Never fear! In addition to the live-blog, here’s our round-up of the biggest reminders so far that endurance racing will eat your car. » 6/13/15 10:57pm 6/13/15 10:57pm

BMW 320D Touring Turns Fox Into Hamburger (Not Safe For Weak Stomach)

Imagine cruising in your brand new, 2007 BMW 320D Touring at 230 kph (~143 mph) along the pristine asphalt of the Autobahn, listening to the finest in German techno. All of a sudden from the roadside, a flash of fur streaks across the road and you feel a mild thump, accompanied by a spray of rouge across the bottom of… » 12/11/07 12:30pm 12/11/07 12:30pm