Taking Out The Pit Entry Cone = Ten Points (And A New Front Wing)

Poor Carlos Sainz Jr. Not only did he whack into the pit entry cone as he pulled into the pits, but he locked up his tires trying to slow down down to pit lane speed in time. This looked like the worst last minute pit call ever, but the upside is that the pit entry cone is worth ten imaginary bonus points!
»9/27/15 2:24am9/27/15 2:24am

Max Verstappen Says “No!” Over Team Radio To Letting His Teammate Pass

Whether you love or hate team orders, you have to empathize with the poor driver who gets one. Scuderia Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen — perhaps following in Red Bull teams’ alumni Sebastian Vettel’s footsteps — decided that he wasn’t going to take it, and called out “NO!” over the radio. »9/20/15 12:33pm9/20/15 12:33pm

Mitsublooper: Toyota Driver Featured in Mistubishi Ad?

Looks like there may be some 'splaining to do in the Mitsubishi marketing department this week. An eagle-eyed reader with obviously little else on his plate at the moment (like us) caught an incongruous clip in the Mitsubishi ad we posted earlier today. It appears the spot contains a glimpse of Spanish rally champion… »4/10/06 1:33pm4/10/06 1:33pm