Philadelphia Police Searching for Two Carjackers Who Killed Three Kids

Two men in Philadelphia are still on the run after driving a stolen SUV into a family selling fruit for their church, killing three young children. » 7/26/14 1:28pm 7/26/14 1:28pm

This Is What It Looks Like When Someone Tries To Carjack You

Carjacking is a problem in South Africa, so much so that you used to be able to get a BMW with flamethrowers attached just to prevent it. And if you had no idea how scary a South African carjacking can be, just watch this Mercedes driver have a gun pointed at his face. » 4/02/14 4:40pm 4/02/14 4:40pm

Romantic First Date Ends with Man Carjacking Woman at Gunpoint

A Florida woman who celebrated her 21st birthday last week by going out with a man she met through a series of texts ended up getting carjacked by her date following a romantic walk on the beach. » 4/24/13 9:51am 4/24/13 9:51am

Carjacker Sentenced To 55 Months In Jail Because He Can't Drive Stick

Carjacking isn't exactly a science. Attack a driver, get them out of the car, drive away. See? I've never done it, and I'm basically an expert. Oh, there's one other thing: Make sure you can drive the car you're stealing. That's key. » 4/16/13 10:31am 4/16/13 10:31am

Unlucky Gang Members Attempt To Carjack Undercover Gang Detectives

"This is a carjacking," one of them said, reaching for his waistband. These two gang members did not know they were speaking to a San Diego police detective in an unmarked car. Oops. » 7/12/12 9:30am 7/12/12 9:30am

Not only are manual transmissions awesome, they're a theft deterrent

Although we know you didn't need another reason to continue seeking out the dwindling supply of cars with manual transmissions, we're giving you one anyways. A Florida man and woman still have their car because a pair of carjackers didn't know how to drive a stick. » 12/04/11 9:00am 12/04/11 9:00am

Watch a would-be carjackee kick a carjacker upside the head

Tampa's carjackers probably eye the local Sonic drive-ins with the same hungry eyes that tigers lay on old wildebeests lagging around an oasis. But this carjacker was lucky to escape with a cherry-limeade flavored boot to the head. » 5/12/11 9:30am 5/12/11 9:30am

Learning To Drive A Stick Saved This Woman's Life

Four men carjacked a 22-year-old student athlete from Belhaven University with the intention of raping her Wednesday night. None of them could operate a manual transmission so they made her drive. She intentionally crashed her car, probably saving her life. » 11/05/10 2:00pm 11/05/10 2:00pm

Two Badass Baltic Brother Car Thieves

Artūro and Andriaus Kosovo are not your average car thieves. Until apprehended, the Lithuanian brothers pulled off their heists in a 4.8-liter turbocharged Audi with bulletproof doors and tires. » 9/13/10 4:00pm 9/13/10 4:00pm

This Woman Carjacked A Three-Day-Old Camaro, Totaled It Minutes Later

An Alabama woman on Friday received an anniversary gift — a brand-new 2011 red Chevrolet Camaro. On Monday, Christina Bellah allegedly jumped into the driver's seat, sped away and totaled it within a few minutes. » 8/25/10 12:00pm 8/25/10 12:00pm

Wanna See A Truck Hijacking In Johannesburg?

Despite all the rosy imagery associated with a post-apartheid South Africa, things are still rough down there as this maybe real/maybe fake video shows. » 8/12/10 3:30pm 8/12/10 3:30pm

This Is The Naked Woman Who Stole Two Cars In Utah

This is Sylvina Beagley. She made headlines today after stealing two cars while naked and leading cops on one of the wildest police chases ever. She's also a devout Mormon, a PTA president, and thinks bipolar disorder is bunk. » 6/23/10 5:15pm 6/23/10 5:15pm

Nude Woman in Utah Steals Two Cars in Year's Weirdest Chase (Now With…

A naked woman in Utah stole a car, crashed it, and hid in a bush before stealing a police car. And that's not even the whole story. » 6/23/10 9:25am 6/23/10 9:25am

VIDEO: Good Samaritan Leaves Car To Help Crash Victim, Gets Carjacked

28-year-old Deserie Guzman is probably the worst person in the world. She's been charged with stealing Adrienne Braxton's car as the nurses assistant attempted to save a man who'd been severely injured in a car accident. The man died. » 4/14/10 1:00pm 4/14/10 1:00pm

Foreign Automaker-Loving Senator's Daughter's Chevy Saved By GM OnStar

The daughter of Senator Bob Corker, ardent Detroit carmaker critic and lover of foreign automakers, has GM's OnStar system to thank for recovering her Chevy Tahoe after being carjacked in D.C. yesterday. Let's see her try that in a Nissan. » 12/04/09 9:00am 12/04/09 9:00am

Man Released From Prison, Carjacks Vehicle In Parking Lot

On December 14th, Sean L. Hawkins Jr. walked out of Prince George's County Jail in Maryland on his own recognizance. He immediately carjacked a Toyota 4Runner because he "needed a ride home from jail." » 1/02/09 3:30pm 1/02/09 3:30pm

Car Thief Gets Carjacked In Stolen Car

Proving there's no honor among thieves, a lowly car thief in Salinas, California was sitting outside a convenience store in his stolen SIlverado pickup when a more violent and armed criminal jumped in the passenger seat and demanded the thief drive the truck away. The carjacker and the car thief hit a bit of a snag… » 8/05/08 12:45pm 8/05/08 12:45pm