You Can Now Search For Used Cars On

We’ve all been there... you’re searching for a pre-owned car when you come across an awesome deal on what looks like the perfect vehicle. Then you click on the Carfax report only to find that yellow triangle that indicates “accident reported.” Carfax is now offering an online search tool to help filter these cars. »7/09/15 10:43am7/09/15 10:43am


Couple Denied Trade Because CarFax Revealed "Total Loss" Six Years Late

We have already established that CarFax and other vehicle history reports are far from perfect. However, many of us use them as a first line of defense against cars that have been damaged or totaled. But what happens when CarFax doesn't report the information in time? One couple found out the hard way. »4/08/15 4:48pm4/08/15 4:48pm

Even If You Repair A Crashed Car, Your Resale Value Will Not Recuperate

You slow down for a red light and the moron behind you is texting. He doesn't stop in time and hits you from behind, not hard, but just enough to damage your bumper. You make a claim with your insurance and pay your deductible. Then you go to trade your car and find out that the accident has cost you in the way of… »10/08/14 12:48pm10/08/14 12:48pm