How A Carburetor Works

New cars are confusing. With all the computers, sensors, and gadgets, it may seem like there's some sort of magical witchcraft and wizardry taking place under the hood. We're here to show you how modern automotive computer control systems work but today we're going to start with some old tech: The carburetor. » 5/13/13 12:16pm 5/13/13 12:16pm

How does the internal combustion engine work?

The basic principles of automobile internal combustion engines have remained the same for decades. Even today this endearingly goofy clip of gasoline going from tank to exhaust fumes is just as relevant and informative as it was for aspiring moonshine runners in the '30s. » 11/24/11 4:00pm 11/24/11 4:00pm

Want To Die? Restart Your Engine Like These Idiots

Three people were seriously burned attempting to restart their van by pouring gas from a bucket into a water bottle directly into the van's carburetor. The van started but soon exploded. The flaming motorists then ran... into a gas station. » 1/21/11 1:00pm 1/21/11 1:00pm

Our Friend The Carburetor

Once I started attending the University Of California at Irvine, way back in the Reagan Era, it didn't take long for me to discover that the joint was packed with freakos creating weird performance art. » 6/14/09 10:30am 6/14/09 10:30am

Madmen Will Put Any Number Of Weber Carbs On Any Engine You Want

We saw some cool Weber carburetor setups » 8/20/08 4:20pm 8/20/08 4:20pm at last year's Monterey Historics, but the guys at the Pierce Manifolds booth have upped the Weber ante with their insane custom intakes. You want to put two-barrel Webers on your Chevy 348? No problemo- they can pull that manifold right off the shelf for you! How about a …

Rebuild Your Carburetor

Back in the days of carbureted and plentiful used Plymouth Satellites, B-52's frontman Fred sang of the devil in his car. Beehive sporting singer Kate did Fred one better by wailing that she had the devil in her CAR-buretor! Having Beelzebub in the float bowl and demons clogging the jets is not a good thing at all. A… » 8/31/07 1:30pm 8/31/07 1:30pm

Welcome To Carburetor Hell!

We've had a few multiple-carb cars, but they've always been the twin-pot variety. It can be a real pain synchronizing a pair of balky carbs, and of course you've got twice the floats to sink, twice the fittings to leak, etc. But we can only look on with a mixture of horror and awe at a Ferrari crew futzing with six of… » 8/19/07 6:30pm 8/19/07 6:30pm

Weber-o-Rama at Laguna Seca

We'll have some Engine Porn for y'all later on, courtesy of the historic racers at Laguna Seca this weekend, but first we though you might enjoy looking at some highly pleasing Weber carburetor installations from back in The Day. We got us a pair-o-Ferraris, a Lotus 11, and a Corvette, each huffing Weber-style. » 8/19/07 1:30pm 8/19/07 1:30pm

Some Motorcycle With That Starlet?

My Starlet was recently selected at random by the punch card driven vacuum tube powered California DMV computer for a yearly smog chek. The usual routine is every two years. The 1300cc engine passed after three trips to the rollers and countless hours of rebuilding and tuning the inherently evil downdraft Aisin… » 8/07/07 12:30pm 8/07/07 12:30pm


The Carter ThermoQuad originally came bolted to Mopar V-8 mills as a the hot factory setup. The theory was simple. At light throttle the ThermoQuad huffed air through a relatively small set of primary bores. Application of lead foot prompted the much larger secondary bores to open, giving the ThermoQuad its unique… » 4/13/07 1:00pm 4/13/07 1:00pm