Backyard Custom Nissan Skyline Explores Boundaries Of Tasteful Restraint

We had to avert our eyes when posting this, as this Nissan Skyline is so incredibly beautiful we worried its majesty would ruin our opinions of all lesser cars to follow. Perfection comes in the form of extreeeeeme stickers, three-abreast hood scoops, a non-functional roof scoop, at least two sets of driving lights, a » 10/15/08 1:40pm 10/15/08 1:40pm

Why Build An Alien PT Cruiser?

We've seen plenty of ridiculous customizations, but this one has got to be one of the craziest. As if starting life out as a PT Cruiser wasn't bad enough, it has since been re-sculpted with some sort of alien popping out of the front. Just looking at the photos, we can only imagine how much time it took to create this… » 6/05/08 1:20pm 6/05/08 1:20pm

New Baby Audi R8 Based On TT? Not Quite

Rumors have been circulating that Audi may be possibly considering a "baby R8" —but this ain't it. The current Audi TT is a fine looking machine, but it pales in comparison to its big brother, the R8. They both have a somewhat similar shape, but the R8 has those nifty "sideblades" and some other vents and scoops. In… » 4/07/08 4:00pm 4/07/08 4:00pm

Audi A9 Caught Undisguised? Um, No.

Contrary to what the badge may say on the back of this car that used to be an Audi, this is actually just the aftermath of what someone decided to do with their A6. While admittedly the craftsmanship is far from the worst custom bodywork we've ever seen, the styling is, well.. very distinctive to say the least. We're… » 2/19/08 3:20pm 2/19/08 3:20pm