Idiot Discovers That Driving Into A Hillside Will Flip A BMW

Mullholland Highway in Los Angeles is a pretty spectacular road to drive — up in the hills you get all kinds of fun turns and switchbacks and good tarmac times. Of course, it’s also a public road, and not being an idiot is always a good plan. It’s not a plan that’s universally followed, like this hill-seeking BMW 328i… »11/17/15 10:45am11/17/15 10:45am


Road-Raging Truck Spins Car, Flies Off Road Into Dealership Of More Cars

Yesterday morning, a driver in Fontana captured an insane accident on his dashcam as an out of control truck struck another car, sending the car into a spin and the truck flying over an embankment, landing in a car dealership lot. The driver who got the video thinks it may be a road rage-related incident. Yikes. »10/15/15 10:05pm10/15/15 10:05pm

I Hit A Deer With My Car And Now I Want To Make It Look Like A Ford Flex

Last night, I’m driving down the dark, two-lane Highway 54 back to my home. I have my wife, Sally, and four-year old boy, Otto with me. Sally mentioned that there were a lot of deer around, so I was going a bit slower than normal, and trying to be alert. It didn’t matter at all. I hit a deer. »10/12/15 9:02pm10/12/15 9:02pm

Owner Of Bisected Aventador Wants To Sell His Car Halves For Art

Okay, time to pull out that folder in your file cabinet — the big gray one, not the little black one — labelled CARS, HALVED and find the printout of our story from 2013 about a Lamborghini Aventador that was split in half in a wreck. Well, it looks like things are finally settled, and the owner wants the two halves… »8/03/15 2:17pm8/03/15 2:17pm

90 Year-Old Man Realizes Glorious Dream Of Backing Through Garage Door

Let me just be absolutely clear and up front here: I love everything about this story. The old man, the wanton, gleeful destruction, that helmet, everything. It’s a simple story, too: Walter Thomas is 90 years old, and he always wanted to back through his garage door. Family and friends helped make his dream happen,… »6/04/15 2:16pm6/04/15 2:16pm

Is This Dashcam Video Of A Man Passing Out While Driving Real?

This video is pretty butt-clenchingly terrifying, with the driver seeming to pass out cold as his Mustang keeps tearing ass forward, through a fence and across a field, until, thankfully, the guy finally wakes up and stops the car. But something seems a bit off about all this — was this genuine, or an elaborate and… »5/08/15 10:05pm5/08/15 10:05pm

Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck

The lesson here? You don’t always have to be a dick. Sometimes, you just need to shrug off stupid shit and move on. The alternative can often end up like this, where one initial bad move by that Camaro got compounded into a three-way wreck, taking down an innocent trucker just doing their job. So what happened here? »4/27/15 2:43pm4/27/15 2:43pm