Audi Shows Cars Can Play Nice, Talk With Each Other To Save Gas, Lives

Yesterday at the second annual CAR2CAR, a forum on, you guessed it, car-to-car communications, Audi revealed a future where its cars would play nice and talk to others. Specifically, the multi-ringed German brand showed off three examples where their system can talk to cars from other brands to receive warnings from… »11/14/08 9:30am11/14/08 9:30am


Volkswagen Uses Passat, GTI In Successful Car-To-Car Communications Trial

Volkswagen »10/24/08 8:30am10/24/08 8:30am has completed initial trials of a new car-to-car communication system, working with other manufacturers to develop a universal standard for the technology. Essentially, car-to-car equipped vehicles would form their own wireless LAN, communicating information about weather, road hazards, traffic jams and…