Big Water-Filled Bumpers Were Once Almost A Thing

Chances are, you’ve thought about bumpers at least a little bit. Maybe it was when modern, energy-absorbing bumpers saved your ass in a wreck, or when you found a minor scrape to a bumper cover would cost you $1100 to fix. But I suspect that you’ve never thought “Hey, wait a minute. Why the hell aren’t my bumpers were… »10/19/15 12:29pm10/19/15 12:29pm

Did Some Unknown Rando Invent Stop-Start Technology In 1969?

I think, over the course of a number of posts, we’ve established a few crucial things: first, my bowels are so regular the atomic clock people at the US Naval Observatory occasionally use them for calibration, and second, I have a huge stack of ‘60s era Popular Science magazines by my toilet. These two facts conspired… »10/16/15 4:54pm10/16/15 4:54pm

What An Alfa Romeo 4C And A Canyon Road Will Teach You About Modern Turbos

The Alfa Romeo 4C’s almost-1750cc engine is an absolutely amazing motor, wild and loud and immediate. But thanks to the tricks of modern turbocharging, it doesn’t exactly offer the fuel economy you’d expect. And I figured all of this out in the middle of nowhere, with 30 miles of canyon road between me and the next… »8/19/15 1:57pm8/19/15 1:57pm

Weird Tech Friday: The Rolligon, For When You Want To Run Yourself Over

Driving where there aren’t roads is never easy. Roadless places are full of sharp rocks, loose surfaces, couches, and screaming people. Happily, one guy watching Eskimos move huge piles of meat figured out a solution to all these issues, and it’s nice and bonkers-looking as a bonus. They’re called Rolligons. »8/14/15 3:30pm8/14/15 3:30pm

Up Close With The 'First' Rear-View Mirror And Two Secret Facts About It

If you read any of my posts last week, you may know I was in Indianapolis setting up my Lancia-controlled-huge-Pole-Position installation. While I was there, I was lucky enough to get a quick look in the Indy 500’s museum, which is where I found what’s normally considered the first rear-view mirror ever. Except it’s a… »8/10/15 1:55pm8/10/15 1:55pm

I Have A Radical But Possible Idea What The Apple Car Will Be

Recently, we learned that Apple had hired Doug Betts, an “auto manufacturing veteran” from Fiat Chrysler. This is a guy whose experience is with actually building cars, leading to new speculation that Apple is planning to build a car. I’m skeptical that Apple would get in the car business as we know it — but I had a… »7/21/15 6:01pm7/21/15 6:01pm