Here's Why Car TV Shows Suck If You Love Cars

I’m a fairly car-obsessed 20-something. When I’m not researching ways to fix my own cars, I’m watching videos about cars. I’m no stranger to a shop and I find fart humor quite refreshing, pardon the pun. I’m exactly the demographic that networks want when they launch new car shows. Why, then, do I think they all suck? »9/10/15 2:55pm9/10/15 2:55pm

Why Car Shows Don't Attract "The Youths" And How To Fix It

If you hang around enough car shows, concours, and collector car events, you’ll hear a not-so-subtle tinge of disappointment from the grey-haired population concerning the next generation of car enthusiasts, or lack thereof. As the baby boomers age and enter the sunset years of their lives, it’s becoming more and more… »7/19/15 3:59pm7/19/15 3:59pm

Photos From The Greenwich Concours d'Elegance

The Greenwich Concours d’Elegance is an event that happens once a year in Connecticut. It seems as if every car enthusiast in the northeast makes the pilgrimage to see and bid on many wonderful vehicles. This makes for a very large and extravagant event. It also makes for a neat parking lot. Thankfully, the rain held… »5/31/15 8:23pm5/31/15 8:23pm