Autonomous Cars Could Actually Make Car Sharing Work

Car sharing services like Zipcar have made living without a car in a city more manageable, but it's far from perfect. So what if, in the future, you borrow a driverless car to get where you're going? That might actually stop a lot of unnecessary cars from clogging the roads. » 3/21/14 9:00pm 3/21/14 9:00pm

Autolib Electric Car-Sharing Coming To Paris Next Year

Paris's Mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, has announced the installation of a massive electric car-sharing scheme in his city. Autolib takes its cue from the city's successful Velib bicycle-sharing system and will make up to 4,000 electric cars available at stations located throughout Paris, allowing users to rent one on the… » 8/01/08 4:40pm 8/01/08 4:40pm

Zipcar Cutting Back Fleet In SoCal, Refocusing on Colleges

This morning, nearly 800 Southern California members of the Zipcar car-sharing service received an email informing them that the company would be refocusing its business on college markets. This will reduce the overall Zipcar fleet in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas from 90 vehicles to something closer to 35. In an … » 1/23/08 1:45pm 1/23/08 1:45pm

Car Sharing to Get More Tax-ing in Washington State

Flexcar/Zipcar users around Washington State are going to see the price of their car sharing rise this week as a nearly 10% car rental tax is going to be applied to their services. The rental car companies were displeased with the exemption for car sharing since they consider their services comparable, and the state's… » 11/02/07 11:15am 11/02/07 11:15am

Zipcar buys Flexcar, monopolizes this car-sharing game

Zipcar announced on Wednesday that it was acquiring rival Flexcar in an effort to head off competition. With the addition of Flexcar's business, Zipcar extends to approximately 5,000 vehicles and 180,000 members. The hope is this will let them compete with the big name operators, such as Enterprise and U-Haul, which… » 11/01/07 11:00am 11/01/07 11:00am

Buy a Condo, Profile Like Magnum, See Painted Boobs

Denton henchman, Phamer's Almanacker and editorial whip-cracker Lockhart Steele's real-estate-oriented side gig, Curbed, features a bit on 255 Hudson, a collection of luxo-condominiums going for anywhere from the nine-hundred-thousands to the three-millions. Needless to say, we won't be buying one. But if say, like, » 2/28/06 5:31pm 2/28/06 5:31pm

Banned in DC: Private-Car Spaces Nixed in Favor of Car-Sharing Slots

We'd say that on average, every third time we talk to our man in the District the inimitable CTE the conversation comes around to the trials and tribulations of vehicle ownership in the land of taxation without representation. In an effort to encourage the use of car-sharing services in the city, local government has… » 10/19/05 10:00am 10/19/05 10:00am

If You Can Find a Better Car, Share It: Case, Iaccoca Invest in Flexcar

Former AOL honcho Steve Case and Lee Iaccoca, lover of Snoop's Doggystyle, have teamed up to invest in Flexcar, a Seattle-based car-sharing company. While terms of the deal have been yet to be disclosed, company officials did hint that the investment outpaces the 10 mil that competitor Zipcar raised a month ago. In an… » 9/01/05 8:54am 9/01/05 8:54am