Cosmo's Guide To Sex In Cars Actually Ruins Having Sex In Cars

» 3/25/14 12:15pm 3/25/14 12:15pm

Cosmopolitan Magazine is a popular woman's magazine that's known for employing sex columnists who are aliens and only understand human mating behavior through crudely-translated text descriptions sent by space-fax. That's why no one should be shocked at the content of their guide to sex in cars. But you'll be a little … » 3/25/14 12:15pm 3/25/14 12:15pm

This man was busted for drinking, having sex while driving

Police spotted 58-year-old George E. Howard swigging from a can of beer while driving recklessly. But that wasn't all he was busted for. No, the Louisville man was also busted for having sex while driving after police said a female passenger was "bent over with her head between his legs." » 8/24/11 3:00pm 8/24/11 3:00pm