Leather vs Leatherette vs Cloth – Which one should I get?

If you've ever sunk yourself into one of the leather thrones of a BMW 7 Series or X5, you'll know just how comfortable and supportive seats of any kind can be. BMW is one of the better makers of bum supporters in the industry. Somehow, the Bavarians are able to make seats that both comfort and support, allow for both… »3/06/15 12:12am3/06/15 12:12am


The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide: Car Seat Covers

When you're gift shopping and your choices are between NOS-brand, sheepskin or floral just walk away. While you may be able to pull it off in an old beater or a car with stained seats, no one with a nice car is going to want to cover up their premium leather seats with Hawaiian Punch-colored faux-sheep's wool. It's… »11/23/07 11:20am11/23/07 11:20am

Mea Maxima Culpa: Consumer Reports Retracts Damning Car Seat Report

Those of you with babies are hopefully well aware that Consumer Reports has, er, reported that basically every car seat made is a death trap and you might as well tie your infants down with wet glass and concertina wire. Now they are saying that they outsourced the tests — which turned out to be flawed — and are… »1/19/07 7:55am1/19/07 7:55am