Does Volvo Risk Sleek Styling If They Dump The Pedestrian Airbag?

The Volvo V40 is a great-looking car that we don't get in the U.S., but being a Volvo, one of the things that makes it look the way it does is safety. In the front end that manifests itself as a pedestrian airbag, but if Volvo gets rid of it, it may spell a big change in the way the sleek little Swede looks. » 12/01/13 3:00pm 12/01/13 3:00pm

The Ten Most Important Safety Advancements In Automotive History

Cars are getting faster, more efficient and better equipped than ever. Still, without these ten important innovations in safety, some of us wouldn't be here today for sure. Buckle up. » 11/11/13 11:00am 11/11/13 11:00am

How To Drive Like A Maniac On Public Roads Without Getting Arrested

From an asshat-driven $528,000 Ferrari F50 getting totaled to Ray Kelly hunting down Manhattan record-holder Afroduck to bikers shutting down highways with near-deadly consequences, NYC has seen a lot of failed attempts at public-roads hoonage. Formula Drift pro Ryan Tuerck came to NYC and ripped properly sideways… » 10/18/13 12:43pm 10/18/13 12:43pm

Subaru Is Launching These Cute Pet Crash Test Dummies... For Science

Suburu spent some money on researching the the effectiveness of pet harnesses on the US market today. They came to the conclusion that your pets are in bigger need of safety improvements than anybody buying the 2014 Corolla. Zing! » 10/03/13 1:14pm 10/03/13 1:14pm

Should We Require Pre-Race Physicals For Amateur Racing?

I'm a huge fan of the LeMons racing series. I was saddened, like so many others, to hear that a driver died in the most recent South Carolina race. It seems that the driver died because of a heart attack, which is exactly what happened in 2008, the only other LeMons race death. Is it time for medical checks for amateur … » 9/24/13 2:04pm 9/24/13 2:04pm