The Future Of Virtual Car Reviews Is Here In This Unintentionally (?) Hilarious Video

Well, my job is now obsolete. It was nice while it lasted. But I can see the writing on the wall, or, in this case, the pictures on the XBox. See, why am I running around like an idiot trying to drive and evaluate and think about actual cars when I can just pop Forza into my XBox and do it all virtually like I'm in… »1/08/13 1:40pm1/08/13 1:40pm

Clarkson Decides Not All American Cars Are Rubbish, Would Take Cadillac CTS-V Over BMW M5

We had some outrage from the readers »10/13/08 10:00am10/13/08 10:00am when that Jeremy Clarkson fella (who ) from across the water done made the Chrysler Sebring convertible one of them- whaddya call it- aphors for the entire United States and dissed 'em both. Well, you disgruntled types can go ahead and regruntle yourselves, because now The Stig is…