This Depression-Era Carphone Was Way Ahead of Its Time

Today if your car breaks down or you're in an accident, help is little more than a phone call away. It's something that many drivers of the 21st century take for granted, what with our Space Age smartphone technology. This automotive safety net, of course, wasn't available in the 1930s. But one visionary who was… » 8/13/13 1:11pm 8/13/13 1:11pm

Phone Car Works Parades, Gets Good Reception

We have literally no context, background or story for these pictures, but we're pretty sure the man dressed in tights and a cape is an idiot. Prepare for a series of bad puns; As a superhero, he's really phony. Bet his wife is always talking on the car phone. Phone car - the predecessor to the Motorola brick. Wonder… » 2/22/08 4:45pm 2/22/08 4:45pm