Check Out These Car Parts That Look Like Spaceships

I'm planning on installing a new engine in my Beetle this weekend, so I've been looking at lots of engine parts and pictures of engines lately. And maybe something snapped after too many hours of staring at carburetors while Star Trek:TNG droned on in the background. Whatever it was, it made me see all car parts as… »6/21/13 2:15pm6/21/13 2:15pm


Most Popular DIY Corvette Mods Resemble Pep Boys Specials

Corvetteblogger has put together a list of the top five appearance modifications according to Eckler's Corvette Parts, and to us, it reads like a who's who of who cares modifications. Perhaps the Vette just has a shape too good for serious modification, or that its owners think just a little more chrome is in order,… »8/08/08 5:00pm8/08/08 5:00pm