Man Imitates Formula One Car With Electric Guitar

You think racing is all corporate and boring these days? Take one Gibson X-Plorer, one Ferrari F10 race car, one Fernando Alonso, and hear for yourself. Thurston Moore would be proud. » 4/02/10 1:00pm 4/02/10 1:00pm

New Jaguar XJ Stars In Upcoming Jay-Z Video

At a Jaguar event last night, the big news was a peak at the video Jay-Z is shooting with one of only six 2010 Jaguar XJ's in the world. And he customized it! Yay! Exclusive sneak peak video below. » 12/03/09 12:00pm 12/03/09 12:00pm

When Race Drivers Become Pop Songs

Would you care to sing along to the lyricized exploits of the greatest racing driver who has ever lived? The 1976 Italian pop song Nuvolari might just be the answer to your needs. » 11/12/09 3:00pm 11/12/09 3:00pm

Ford Designers Get Musically Inspired During 2010 Taurus Design Process

The "Mozart Effect" is a term used by Alfred Tomatis for his belief listening to Mozart's melodies can make you smarter. Ford's designers apparently took this approach, with a modern twist, while designing the 2010 Ford Taurus. » 6/08/09 3:30pm 6/08/09 3:30pm

A Mega-Gallery Of 80 Auto-Themed Album Covers

Cars and music go together like coffee and cigarettes, peanut butter and jelly and water and white t-shirts. But how many musicians used cars as promotion? Here's 80 album covers indicating it's a whole lot. » 1/25/09 12:01am 1/25/09 12:01am