New 'Low-Volume' Replica Car Bill Is Great Save For One Big Problem

House bill H.R. 2675, the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, seems like exactly the kind of bill I’d love — it specifically makes provisions for companies who make 500 or less cars a year so they can sell their cars more easily in the U.S. Great, right? Sure, but the bill is arbitrarily limited to one… »6/18/15 7:00pm6/18/15 7:00pm


Should You Bother Obscuring Your License Plates In Photos?

If you're reading this now, there's great chance that you spend far too many of your waking hours looking at pictures of cars online. Which means you've probably noticed that many of those images have their license tags obscured in some way. Being the inquisitive (likely) mammal that you are, you've probably wondered… »9/11/12 3:00pm9/11/12 3:00pm