This Is What A $46,000 Car Key Looks Like

Slight correction there, actually. This key, done in a diamond-encrusted style that serves as an homage to the flag of Saudi Arabia (of course), costs at least $46,000. That's where pricing starts, and it only goes up from there. » 2/27/15 9:20am 2/27/15 9:20am

The Ten Coolest Car Keys Ever Made

Forget start buttons! Cars should have proper keys. Or tiny pieces of art you can slide into your pocket. Remember, they're tools for making your machine come alive. » 9/24/13 11:13am 9/24/13 11:13am

Do Your Car Keys Weigh Too Much?

Keychains are a great way to organize all the little things you need in day-to-day life, but adding too much to yours could damage your ignition and prevent you from starting your car. How much is too much? » 1/15/10 3:00pm 1/15/10 3:00pm