Detroit's Mayor Wants To Start A City Car Insurance Program

Insuring a car in the city of Detroit is ridiculously fucking expensive and it forces a lot of us to drive less-than-exciting vehicles just to get from point A to point B. Rates are among the highest, if not the highest, in the country. Detroit's new mayor is looking to alleviate that. » 2/27/14 4:36pm 2/27/14 4:36pm

Money Saving Phone Calls: How to Optimize Your Car Insurance Rate

How many times have you logged into one of your credit card or bank accounts and seen a bogus charge or late fee appear out of nowhere? You wanted to call the company right away and have them refund your money, but you had no idea what to say to get the fee waived. So you just let it slide. Time after time. » 12/05/13 9:21am 12/05/13 9:21am

Car Insurance Companies Have Always Been At War With High Prices

A few of the big insurance companies (Progressive, we're looking at you) have been experimenting with high-tech on-board devices to monitor their customer's driving habits for a few years now. But telematics have finally entered the picture, allowing on-the-fly uploading of driver information, vs the previous systems… » 6/26/08 1:30pm 6/26/08 1:30pm