The 103-Year-Old Mr. K Upon Hearing A Datsun 510 Was Named A Jalopnik 'Best Drive'

It's starting to feel like the main reason publications indulge in Car Of The Year awards is so the winning automaker will put their name in a bunch of advertisements, making the publication feel like a big shot. At Jalopnik, we don't buy in to this. We receive hand jobs from our partners, not from the automakers. »12/19/12 10:00am12/19/12 10:00am


If You're In Los Angeles This Month You Have To Go To The Petersen Museum

The Petersen Museum is a gem for car lovers, preserving and displaying some of the world's most important and interesting cars. Below the museum is "the vault" a.k.a. the Fort Knox of the automotive world. It's where they hide the collection's fascinating mobile artifacts in between exhibits and store cars they don't… »12/17/12 5:20pm12/17/12 5:20pm

40 Years Of Not Getting Stuck: A Subaru AWD History

Subaru's now famous Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is 40 years old. Contrary to what you might expect, the first couple of Subarus using it were not turbocharged racecars fighting against the mud and snow but rather affordable coupes and family cars in need of some extra grip. The Japanese company has been commited to… »12/06/12 5:30pm12/06/12 5:30pm

How the California Highway Patrol Swapped Crown Vics for Volvos — Almost

We're all trying to come to terms with the fact Ford Crown Victorias won't be sneaking up behind us on the highway. And by coming to terms, I mean slowing down just about anytime you see something in the shape of a Crown Vic. Some day, they're all going to be gone and we're going to be left guessing if our state's… »11/11/12 1:00pm11/11/12 1:00pm

Motorsports Legend Explains How He Lost The 24-Hour Of Le Mans By One Second

Sometimes having a kid brings unexpected benefits. In this case, my two-year old, Otto (known for his Porsche-hood-standing skills) is friends with another two year old, Lino, whose mom is a friend of my wife, and who is married to a man whose father happens to be 1970 LeMans winner and all around racing legend Hans… »11/07/12 12:20pm11/07/12 12:20pm

Take A Rare Tour Of Nissan's Private Heritage Museum

While I was in Japan investigating many of Nissan's new science projects, one of the highlights of the trip (aside from seeing entire stores of claw machines) was a trip to the Nissan Heritage Museum, located on the grounds of Nissan's Oppama Motor Plant. The collection, also known as the Nissan DNA Museum, must be… »10/25/12 2:00pm10/25/12 2:00pm