L.A. had a mobile traffic court that brought the judge to you

Back in 1926, the town of Inglewood, California had a mobile traffic court that operated out of a truck — complete with a judge, a bailiff, and police officers. In the photo above we see one unlucky motorist in July of 1926 who's been pulled over for speeding. Needless to say, it wasn't the most efficient system and… » 7/15/14 6:05pm 7/15/14 6:05pm

What Does A High End Camera Company Have To Do With Old Turn Signals?

I'd like to think that, thanks to my efforts, Jalopnik provides more in-depth coverage of the rich and exciting world of automotive turn indication than anyone out there. Which is why I'm so excited to announce today I found an answer to a signal light question that's bothered me for years: what's the deal with that… » 7/15/14 3:30pm 7/15/14 3:30pm

This Is The First Cartoon To Feature Cars Ever

For a while now, I've been undertaking a long-term research project to find the first car represented in a work of art. Not a technical drawing, but as a subject in a work created for artistic purposes only. I'm still researching, but along the way, I think I've found what may be the first cartoon with cars. » 4/25/14 4:00pm 4/25/14 4:00pm