Have You Ever Bought Or Received A Car For Christmas? 

Every year we have to watch those obnoxious television commercials. You know the ones where some yuppie couple wakes up on Christmas morning, then walks outside in some overpriced pajamas sipping a latte only to find a brand new luxury car with a bow on top. Does this really happen? » 12/25/14 11:01pm 12/25/14 11:01pm

The Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide

This Black Friday we're getting by with a little help from our friends as we count down the top ten absolutely worst car-related gifts, as determined by our readers. At 1:00 PM (EST) we're going to run a poll and let you all decide what is the worst automotive gift of the year. Follow along with the chrome-plated,… » 11/23/07 9:20am 11/23/07 9:20am