Body Shop Surprises Gay Student With Upgraded Version Of Vandalized Car

Jordan Addison is a college student at Virginia's Radford University, and seems pretty much like any college student: he goes to class, probably drinks, probably has goofy in-jokes with friends, has sexual preferences, and all that good college-era crap. Unlike most college students, though, he has had his 2000 Passat… »8/22/12 10:00am8/22/12 10:00am

Could Being Mean To Your Kids Make Them Love Cars?

When I was talking with those Scion folks a while back, they mentioned something which caught my attention like a Pomeranian on an unattended hot dog. They said interest in cars is waning among young people, and teens are waiting longer to get their licenses. And one of the reasons is that kids are getting along with… »5/17/12 4:30pm5/17/12 4:30pm

How Kurt Busch Got The OK To Drive His Own 'Talladega Nights' Car In A Real Nascar Race

Coming into Talladega, Kurt Busch had no sponsorship for his car. So instead, he decided to run his car decked out in full Ricky Bobby livery — straight from the movie Talladega Nights — in this Sunday's real race. They'll even be playing the roles of the characters from the movie on the in-car communications. »5/04/12 2:00pm5/04/12 2:00pm