Did Someone Shoot At Rick Ross' Rolls Royce?

What in most places would be considered outrageous is, in Florida, perfectly normal. That's why it's not terribly surprising that someone took pot shots at a Rolls Royce, and that the car then crashed into a building. » 1/28/13 12:00pm 1/28/13 12:00pm

Chris Brown Allegedly Punched Frank Ocean Over A Parking Spot

Last night, R&B star and altercation aficionado Chris Brown punched fellow musician Frank Ocean in a fight over a parking space. This may have been the most typically LA altercation in the city's history. » 1/28/13 9:30am 1/28/13 9:30am

Theft Of 7 Up Mustang Proves At Least One Person Likes 7 Up

Is there anything we car enthusiasts hate more than car thieves? Don't be fooled the mainstream media, which portrays them as heroic cool guys out to rescue their little brothers from the mob and then hook up with Angelina Jolie afterwards. Make no mistake — car thieves are assholes. » 1/27/13 10:00am 1/27/13 10:00am

Help Identify The Car That Killed This 6-Year-Old Dallas Boy

We have a truly sad and horrific story out of Dallas today as police continue to search for a car that struck and killed a 6-year-old boy earlier this week and then drove away. » 1/26/13 2:30pm 1/26/13 2:30pm

Father Of The Year Leaves His Baby In A Freezing Car For Eight Hours

Kids! I don't have 'em, but I can only imagine how hard they are to keep track of. One minute they're with you, and another minute they're off sticking metal objects into the electric socket to see what happens. It's why my parents kept us locked in the basement most of the time. I think that's why they did it, anyway. » 1/26/13 10:00am 1/26/13 10:00am

Who Steals A Taco Cart?

Ever have those nights when you're really hungry and wish there was a taco cart next to your house where you could buy delicious, delicious tacos to feast upon at 3 a.m.? Sure. we all do. » 1/23/13 4:40pm 1/23/13 4:40pm

Drunk Driving Is Now Could Be Legal In Parts Of Ireland Because Irish…

You guys know what's great? Driving! You know what else is great? Drinking! But they should never be done together. That's just dangerous, irresponsible, and also illegal. » 1/23/13 3:00pm 1/23/13 3:00pm

The Jackass In This Grand Am Will Totally Tell On You For Speeding

Remember that kid in the second grade? Stomach crammed full of paste and boogers, cruel little beady eyes always scanning for the slightest transgressions, and a big stupid mouth that would go blabbing to the teacher any time you even thought about doing something fun? Well, that little fuck now drives a Pontiac Grand… » 1/23/13 2:20pm 1/23/13 2:20pm

Porsche Execs Subject To Arrest If They Set Foot In India

Would-be bounty hunters take note: There is now an active arrest warrant in India for Porsche CEO Mattias Müller, as well as eight other Porsche executives. » 1/22/13 2:20pm 1/22/13 2:20pm

Auto Journalist Sued For $174,000 After Destroying A Rare Porsche's…

"You bend it, you mend it," right? That's the basis of a lawsuit by famous racing driver David Piper against a car journalist who blew the engine on Piper's $2 million Porsche 917. » 1/21/13 4:00pm 1/21/13 4:00pm

Swimsuit Model Jess Barton's Stripped Supra Parts Have Been Recovered

I'm pleased to report a happy ending to the tale of the 8-second Toyota Supra that was stolen from Florida swimsuit model and noted gearhead Jess Barton a few weeks ago. » 1/19/13 10:30am 1/19/13 10:30am

Meet The Egyptian Journalist Who Chased Down And Scolded Her Own…

Cairo, Egpyt is notorious for its horrible traffic. Roadways are packed solid and anarchy reigns over intersections. But on rare occasions, even the worst gridlock can be a good thing. » 1/17/13 12:20pm 1/17/13 12:20pm

The Awful Florida Prankster Who Hops In Random Cars Arrested For Giving…

There's no doubt that people will do just about anything to make it big on the internet. But there's normal anything and then there's Florida anything, which is living proof that videotaped pranks can run afoul of the law when they involve giving random people wedgies. » 1/17/13 10:00am 1/17/13 10:00am

Florida Strikes Again! Three Arrested For Dragging Man From A Truck

America's Greatest State had a banner year in 2012 for crazy vehicular crimes, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2013. The latest example of Florida's winning streak comes in the form of this trio of jokers, who were arrested after police say they tied a man to the back of a pickup truck and dragged him half a… » 1/12/13 10:30am 1/12/13 10:30am

Cop And Drug Suspect Killed In 'Suspicious' South African Audi R8 Crash

Police in Johannesburg, South Africa are investigating a bizarre crash from Thursday that claimed the life of an Audi R8 driver and a police officer who was also inside the car. » 1/11/13 9:30am 1/11/13 9:30am

Man Who Drove A Tractor Over Seven Cop Cars Found Incompetent To Stand…

Remember a few months ago when we told you about the guy in Vermont who hopped into a farm tractor and used it to pancake seven police vehicles? Of course you do. Looks like he won't be standing trial after all, according to news station WPTZ. » 1/10/13 2:00pm 1/10/13 2:00pm

Identify These Car Parts And Help Catch A Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed…

Law enforcement agencies from across the U.S. have reached out to Jalopnik for help with car identifications since your input was "critical" to solving a hit-and-run last year, among others. » 1/08/13 4:20pm 1/08/13 4:20pm

Swimsuit Model's Stolen Supra Found Stripped

We were disturbed to hear the famous Supra belonging to gearhead model/host Jess Barton was stolen last week in Florida. Now we are sad to report the car appears to have been stripped of all the go-fast parts that made it an 8-second quarter-mile monster. There's now a $6,000 reward for info leading to the capture of… » 1/08/13 9:00am 1/08/13 9:00am