​Watch A Ram-And-Grab Robbery Performed By The World's Worst Criminal

Thieves in Canberra, Australia busted into the Kippax Fair shopping center yesterday, running through the mall in a Subaru Legacy (ne Liberty, Down Under) and then smashing through the gates of a jewelry store in a ram-and-grab robbery. It’s like the worst Gymkhana ever. » 4/01/15 10:01am Today 10:01am

No One Has Any Idea How This Buick Ended Up On This Bridge Bike Path

Well, I mean, people have some idea. The Buick was driven on the bike path. It's just that most people can't figure out how someone would be clueless enough to drive a full-grown Buick all the way onto a bridge bike path on Lake Shore Drive by Chicago's Navy Pier. » 3/31/15 9:22am Yesterday 9:22am

Watch This Guy Escape A Tow By Driving Right Off The Truck

Getting your car towed is, objectively, horrible. And once it’s on the truck, that tends to be the end of the argument you’ve got with The System. Even if you get to your car before the truck drives away, that’s it. Unless you’re this Jeep owner. In which case you just drive away anyways. » 3/30/15 4:35pm Monday 4:35pm

Woman In Rolling Sebring Passed Out Cold On San Diego Freeway

Now, before we all jump to very reasonable and probable conclusions about intoxication, please keep in mind this woman was driving a Sebring, and passing out cold is just part of the driving experience. That said, it's lucky she didn't get killed/kill anyone, and that CHP officer handled this remarkably well. » 3/29/15 1:40am Sunday 1:40am

Truck ID Helps Nab Chronic Masturbator Named Dick In Tickle Creek

Those of you who keep track of all the chronic masturbators I write about on Jalopnik may remember this creepy-ass, Chevy truck-driving public Onanist. Well, good news! Thanks to an ID on his truck, he's been caught! And his last name is Dick, and was caught after exposing himself in a place called Tickle Creek. How… » 3/26/15 4:54pm 3/26/15 4:54pm

One Killed, Three Injured After 18 Wheeler Causes Texas Bridge Collapse 

One person was killed and at least three people were injured when a section of a bridge above Interstate 35 collapsed after it was struck by a too-tall 18-wheeler in Texas, according to public safety officials and news reports. » 3/26/15 3:56pm 3/26/15 3:56pm

Guy Gets Caught Cheating HOV Lane With Most Interesting Man Standee

A Washington State Patrol trooper with very good vision and a healthy respect for the famed Dos Equis shill spotted a driver using a Most Interesting Man in the World cardboard standee as a fake passenger to use the HOV lane.
» 3/25/15 2:52pm 3/25/15 2:52pm

The Cops Are Investigating The Jeremy Clarkson 'Fracas'

With Jeremy Clarkson fired from Top Gear, it appeared as if the worst had already come to pass. But this all might be far from over, as now the North Yorkshire police are investigating the incident which got him fired to begin with. » 3/25/15 11:52am 3/25/15 11:52am

'I'm Drunk, Bro' Driver Immediately Crashes Into Woman's Car On Video

Somehow this asshole managed to get his keys into the ignition and attempted to drive him and his girlfriend home on Saturday night in DeKalb, Illinois. The other guys at the bar laughed and videotaped him driving off... right into the path of an oncoming car. » 3/23/15 7:05pm 3/23/15 7:05pm

Kansas Cops Nab Guy In Skyline Doing 176 MPH Until His Engine Blew

Driving absurdly fast on public roads with general traffic on them is a colossally stupid idea, and this time it looks like the car agreed, committing suicide instead of being part of continued stupidity. The Kansas Highway Patrol arrested a man yesterday for going 176 MPH on Interstate 35, and caught him because his… » 3/23/15 3:20pm 3/23/15 3:20pm

How America's Speeding Tickets And Traffic Fines Are Totally Broken

John Oliver's most recent segment on Last Week Tonight was generally about the 'fuck barrel' of draconic municipal fines in this country. It should come as no surprise that a great deal of these fees start with speeding tickets and traffic infractions. It should come as even less of a surprise that the system is a… » 3/23/15 2:15pm 3/23/15 2:15pm

A Fake Predatory Taxi Is Roaming NYC Streets And Stealing Your Money

At least one fake taxi has been prowling New York City streets, skimming and stealing credit cards. And while you think that you, the eagle-eyed observer, would never be caught dead in a blatantly fake taxi, you’re wrong. Because this fake taxi was damn near a perfect replica of the real deal. » 3/23/15 1:23pm 3/23/15 1:23pm

Drunk-Driver Calls 911 On Himself, Patiently Awaits Cops Because Canada

Is it the cold? Is it the cold that somehow freezes the parts of their brains that should make Canadians into assholes? Is that why, when you hear that a guy driving drunk pulled over and called the cops on himself, it's not a shock to hear he's Canadian? Maybe it's something in poutine? » 3/23/15 9:39am 3/23/15 9:39am

Stolen Audi Recovered Thanks To The Internet And A Really Dumb Thief

Just a few nights ago this Laser Red 2002 Audi S4 was stolen in Washington state. Yesterday the cops found it in their very own parking lot, and the reason why gets an epic criminal facepalm. But the car was only recovered because enthusiasts had spread it all over the internet. » 3/20/15 12:05pm 3/20/15 12:05pm

Driver Casually Steps Out Of SUV He Rolled In High-Speed Police Chase

A spike strip spelled the end for 24-year-old Roman Bernal's high speed chase across four counties in Northern California yesterday. Bernal didn't seem too troubled by it though. » 3/18/15 4:27pm 3/18/15 4:27pm

A Great Thing Happened After Thieves Stole And Stripped My First Car

For those of you lucky enough to never have had this happen, realizing your only car was stolen, stripped, and abandoned feels really, really shitty. However, there are times in life when what you lose in material goods is nothing compared to what you gain in love for humanity. This is one of those times. » 3/13/15 2:48pm 3/13/15 2:48pm

Naked Guy Rams Himself Into Cars And Causes Accident

If you were around Anaheim this past Saturday, and heard a series of rapidly pattering footsteps and then a loud crash, like a bag of ground beef flung at a window, don't worry. It was just some naked guy running full speed into some cars. Whew! You must feel relieved. » 3/11/15 6:31pm 3/11/15 6:31pm

Cops Use Road Rage Video To Track Down Brake-Checking WRX Assclown

Here's the thing about life in 2015: we have cameras following us everywhere. This means maybe you should think twice before throwing shit at other drivers on the highway and brake-checking them in your sweet Subaru WRX hatchback. » 3/10/15 12:36pm 3/10/15 12:36pm

Lamborghini Crashed And Abandoned On Dallas Highway Was A Rental

In a non-stunning bit of completely unsurprising news, it was revealed that the crashed and abandoned yellow Lamborghini in Dallas was, in fact, a rental car. That slight rocking motion you feel in the earth is all those heads nodding in understanding. Of course it was a rental. Now it all makes sense. » 3/09/15 10:40am 3/09/15 10:40am

Police Arrest Suspected Car Thief That Evaded Them In A Pontiac G8

Last month a St. Louis man stole a 2009 Pontiac G8 from a car dealer. Since then, he has been in at least six police chases, some of which have exceeded speeds of 130 mph. This week authorities arrested a suspect that they believe is the secret wheel-man. » 3/06/15 2:36pm 3/06/15 2:36pm