Terrifyingly Comprehensive Car Thieves Forge Docs, Then Take Firebird

Ever since the Great Beetle Recovery, we’ve been getting requests to run stories to help find stolen cars, and we try to, as much as we can. But this one about a lovely, stolen 1968 Firebird is different. Not just because of the striking car involved, but because of how the car wasn’t just physically stolen — it was … » 7/22/15 10:00pm 7/22/15 10:00pm

Confirmed: Drunk Driving A Mower Not A Work-Around For Suspended License

A report says Pennsylvania State Troopers (literally) lassoed a guy who was cruising down the street on his Cub Cadet lawn tractor with a suspended driver’s license and “three times” the legal limit of booze in his blood. So in case anybody was wondering, looks like “it’s just a mower!” is not a viable defense. » 7/22/15 12:16pm 7/22/15 12:16pm

Chrysler's Uconnect Vulnerable To Remote Hacking, But Don't Panic Yet 

As more and more cars become mobile, internet-connected appliances, they become more likely targets for remote hacking. Chrysler is hopefully realizing the seriousness of this, as a new Jeep Cherokee has been remotely hacked and pretty severely compromised, according to a story in Wired. But don’t panic just yet. » 7/21/15 1:56pm 7/21/15 1:56pm

To The A-Hole Who Stole This Elderly Man's Beloved Jeep: Seriously?

This 1944 Willys Jeep in classic US military livery was stolen from the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England where it was parked out front for a show. It belonged to a 73-year-old man who got his hands on it and restored after his father had actually driven it in World War II. » 7/18/15 11:00am 7/18/15 11:00am

Woman Takes Picture Of Asshole Parking Job, Ends Up In Jail In UAE

Based on what happened here, if Jalopnik was based in the United Arab Emirates, we’d be the only automotive website to be run from prison. That’s because a woman who took a picture of a some asshole’s car who parked across two disabled spaces and posted it on Facebook was thrown in jail for “writing bad words.” Ugh. » 7/15/15 6:00pm 7/15/15 6:00pm

Who Are The 'Vauxhall Cannibals' And What The Hell Are They Up To?

Right this moment, if you’re a Vauxhall around Bedfordshire, UK, you’re probably pissing your sump with fear right now. That’s because a mysterious criminal organization dubbed the Vauxhall Cannibals are around, and they’ve brutally stripped or stolen parts from over 500 Vauxhalls so far. Just Vauxhalls. What’s going… » 7/14/15 9:57am 7/14/15 9:57am

Probable Idiot, Possible Loon In Audi Drives Backwards Through LA

I was an LA driver for over 20 years. I’ve driven down twisty Laurel Canyon road, and always enjoyed it, in all kinds of cars. I never thought to myself “Gee, what good fun this is. I’d sure like to try it backwards!” Because, surprisingly, I’m not an idiot. I’m not so sure about our Audi-driving friend here. » 7/13/15 9:25am 7/13/15 9:25am

The First Car To Be Repo'd Was Also The First Car In A Police Chase

One of my personal crusades is to raise awareness of the fact that Mercedes-Benz did not invent the car like they claim to, and that automobiles have been around far longer than most people realize — viable cars have been around since at least the early 1800s. That’s why I’m so delighted to tell you about the first… » 6/30/15 2:53pm 6/30/15 2:53pm

Idiot Steals Car But Can't Drive Stick So He Calls A Cab

A man who mistakenly left his keys in his car first assumed it was a prank when he found it gone. It wasn’t a prank, it was actually stolen, but the result was way funnier than any prank would have been. That’s because the guy who stole it couldn’t drive stick, and then tried to call a cab. Oh boy. » 6/19/15 2:13pm 6/19/15 2:13pm

Feds To Return Trucks Seized In Armed Raids To Their Owners

Some stellar news today for fans of classic Land Rover Defenders, imported vehicles and anyone who’s not a fan of civil forfeiture: Nearly a year after they were seized by federal agents in pre-dawn raids across the country, and a few months after our big exposé on the seizures, more than two dozen imported Defenders… » 6/02/15 1:15pm 6/02/15 1:15pm

Teenager Allegedly Poses As FBI Agent, Steals And Crashes Dealer's Car

Kids these days, when they aren’t taking selfies, they are pretending to be federal agents in order to take Dodge Chargers out for a joy rides. Well, maybe not all kids, but one Michigan teen could be facing some serious charges for allegedly impersonating an FBI agent, stealing and crashing a car.
» 6/01/15 7:10pm 6/01/15 7:10pm

The Land Rover Defender Seizure Case Could Be Settled Next Week

Last summer, teams of federal agents swept the country in early morning raids to scoop up 40 Land Rover Defender SUVs they believe were imported illegally into the United States. One lawyer, who claims they weren’t illegal, has been fighting pro bono to get them back to their owners. And his case could come to a head… » 5/21/15 10:06am 5/21/15 10:06am