Worst Person In NC Gets Car Stuck In Snow, Allegedly Murders Guy Who Came To Help

I live in North Carolina now, and generally, I like the state: good barbecue, Buckminster Fuller lived here, Cheerwine, and we’re one of the only 72 states to have the cardinal as our state bird. But then I read about this allegedly drunk idiot outside Charlotte, NC who police say shot at the people who tried to help…

Shocking: If You Leave Valuable Art In A Trailer On An LA Street, It Might Get Stolen

Do you have about $250,000 worth of paintings, prints, and sculptures by artists like Marc Chagall, Keith Haring, Henri Matisse, and Leroy Neiman? Sure you do. It’s hard to find places for all that stuff, so I bet you’re probably thinking of shoving them in a trailer on the street. Some advice? Don’t. Incredibly, they…


Old Man Rationally Solves Hotel Bill Dispute By Driving Truck Into Lobby

“There. That should solve things.” I’m pretty sure those were the first words to form in the mind of 62-year old John Parsley immediately after he rammed his 2006 GMC Sierra into the lobby of a Comfort Inn in Alva, Oklahoma. No one was injured, and I’m sure this thoughtful act of problem-solving took care of…

Man Arrested For Motorcycle Shop Standoff Charged With Different Crime Entirely

Brian Flatoff, the man accused in Saturday’s standoff at the Eagle Nation Cycles motorcycle repair shop has been charged for a separate incident entirely, writes the Associated Press. Prosecutors allege that Flatoff fired off a bullet into a woman’s bedroom wall while heavily inebriated the night before the standoff.