Inside The Bizarre World Of China's Badly Photoshopped In-Car Sex Mattress Ads

Our pals over at CarNewsChina led us down a very degenerate path today by introducing us to a previously-unknown car accessory: the inflatable car mattress. On its own, it just seems like a clever, practical device so you can comfortably sleep in your car. But the advertising tells a different story. A clumsily… »9/18/15 12:19pm9/18/15 12:19pm

This Acura Ad Is So Crammed Full Of Horseshit I Can't Even

You’d think some summer-blowout ad for the Acura TLX would be the usual, ignorable car-on-winding-road-with-VO boringness we’ve all grown the special ability to tune out. Acura has cleverly combated this by making their ads so full of subtly inane horseshit that it forces you to pay attention. To the stupid. »9/02/15 10:12am9/02/15 10:12am

Anti-Vaxxers Use A Car Analogy To Effectively Prove Stupidity 

As the owner/operator of a human child, one of the things that pleases me most about modern parenting is not having to watch my little boy die from something stupid like diphtheria or the measles or the dropsy or whatever. I have vaccines to thank for that. Vaccines that are nothing at all like cars, despite what… »4/21/15 4:50pm4/21/15 4:50pm

Which Hipster Cliché In This Jeep Ad Do You Want To Slap First?

Ever hear about the ‘punk rock’ episode of that old show about a coroner, Quincy? It’s a cult favorite now because of the ham-fisted way the punk subculture was portrayed, clearly by people who had only the barest of ideas of what it was. This new ad for the Jeep Renegade makes me think we’re at that point now with… »4/17/15 3:00pm4/17/15 3:00pm

Let's Look At Some Ads For "The Worst Car Ever Made"

Let me be up front here: I don't think the Lightburn Zeta is the worst car ever made. But many people do. It's not a good car, by any standard, but it was designed to be a super-cheap, incredibly basic form of transport, and considering the context, its flaws at least make sense. That said, it is sort of delightfully… »12/30/14 9:30pm12/30/14 9:30pm

Stupid Ad Shows Idiot Cramming Bags In a 911 Engine To Sell Luggage

Hey! Hey you! Idiot up there in the ad for Golla luggage! The one with your suspenders down like you just finished taking a really taxing crap? The one about to load his new expensive luggage into the engine of that Porsche? Yes, you. You're an idiot. A big dumb idiot who's about to get his clothes mulched. »12/15/14 9:15am12/15/14 9:15am

Why Aren't Car Makers Using Dead Baby Animals In Their Ads Anymore?

An awful lot has changed in car advertising over the years, but perhaps most overlooked change is that car companies now seem to shy away from featuring carcasses of young dead animals in their ads. That's a shame, right? Wouldn't a couple of dead skunk kits really jazz up the hood of a Chevy Spark? »10/02/14 8:00pm10/02/14 8:00pm