Chevy Capitva Gets Sportier For Europeans on the Go

Though the Aura VUE is probably the best looking version of GM's mini ute (though some may prefer the Terrain), give credit to the Europeans for at least attempting to spice up their bland Captiva. And while it's like throwing oil and vinegar on your Subway club sandwich in a doomed effort to make it an exciting… » 11/30/07 9:30am 11/30/07 9:30am

Chevrolet's Daewoo SUV for Europe to be Named Captiva

Chevrolet announced the name of its Daewoo-based SUV for Europe — introduced earlier this year as the S3X concept — the Captiva, which will debut at the 2006 Geneva auto show. It'll be the first compact Chevrolet SUV to get diesel power and the first model in Chevrolet Europe s line to be available with electronic… » 11/22/05 11:31am 11/22/05 11:31am