Hundreds Of Cars Damaged After Canadian Diesel-Gas Blunder

PRO TIP: Don't put diesel fuel into a gasoline-powered car. It's a fast and effective way to completely trash your engine. But one Canadian gas station chain is having to say "I'm sorry" after an error caused gasoline tanks to be filled with diesel. » 2/12/14 10:55am 2/12/14 10:55am

VW Of Canada Brings Back "Super Beetle" Name

VW hasn't sold a car called the "Super Beetle" since the final run of convertible Super Beetles sold in in the US in the 1979/1980 model year. I remember lobbying for one as a kid when my parents went car shopping in 1980. They bought an Accord. But now VW of Canada is selling a "Super Beetle" edition of the Turbo Beetle. » 6/27/13 3:18pm 6/27/13 3:18pm

Canadian Motorcyclist Chased for Nearly a Mile by "Massive" Wolf

Tim Bartlett, a mechanic from Alberta, Canada, was enjoying a long motorcycle ride down British Columbia's scenic Highway 93 when he spotted something unusual emerging from the woods: a massive wolf. And the wolf didn't just stand there – it chased Bartlett for nearly a mile, at times coming within ten feet of the… » 6/22/13 1:12pm 6/22/13 1:12pm

Canada And The US Have A Completely Bizarre Border

Jon Stewart once told a joke about Canada. Canadians used to ask him all the time, "what do Americans really think of Canada?" And the answer was, "we don't." Well, until the Canada GP, that is. The thing is, we probably should, because we have a completely bizarre border separating us. » 6/09/13 11:00am 6/09/13 11:00am

Thank You: The Rob Ford Crackstarter Has Met Its Goal

As you may have seen, especially if you are Canadian, the Rob Ford Crackstarter reached its $200,000 goal at some point around 4 p.m. yesterday, as I was busy fielding phone calls while trying to steer my young children away from a very hot grill without spilling my beer. What happens now? » 5/28/13 1:37pm 5/28/13 1:37pm