Driving The $100,000 Mobile Home Your Fabulous Wife And Redneck Cousin Can Agree On

I woke up naked and freezing, stretched around a heater like some desperate, heat-starved lizard with a headache so strong I was sure I’d been put to sleep by a frying pan to the face. A typical morning—until I noticed the Rocky Mountains instead of my Babes & Big Rigs calendar in the window. Welcome to van life. »10/12/15 3:14pm10/12/15 3:14pm


Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: 1973 Ford Ranchero Camper For $12,500?

Here's Nice Price Or Crack Pipe »11/11/08 8:00am11/11/08 8:00am once again, the day after You see, for the first time we've got the majority of voters opting for the Nice Price side of the poll; admittedly, the voting is 173 to 172 at the time of this writing, but that's still a win for the BatmOpel! Today we've got another machine that might…

Mercedes 300SD-amino Camper, Just In Time For The Coming Financiapocalypse

This Mercedes 300SD camper conversion nicely combines two of our Ten Best Vehicles For The Coming Financiapocalypse »10/01/08 1:40pm10/01/08 1:40pm. Essentially it's a sedan that's been into a 300SD-amino, and then had a pickup truck-bed camper plopped in the back. For just $4000 it's not a bad deal, with two beds, a table and even a kitchen sink.…

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: $41,000 1986 Volkswagen Syncro Westfalia Weekender?

It's time for Nice Price Or Crack Pipe »9/29/08 8:00am9/29/08 8:00am once again; last time we saw nearly 73% of you opine that $19,500 was too much to pay for a . This time we're going with a suggestion sent in by Other than a mint-condition , the VW Vanagon Syncro might be our favorite VW bus, and when you're looking at a genuine Wolfsburg…

Project Car Hell, Because You Can Edition: 1940 Ford Camper or Rabbit Limo?

Welcome to Project Car Hell »9/25/08 5:20pm9/25/08 5:20pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! In yesterday's , the TVR went all GBH on the NSU in the poll, sending us scurrying to the nearest W.A.S.T.E. mailbox to inform our friends in San Narciso that PCH Superpower Britain has once…

Kamper Krisis: Winnebago Profits Plunge 73%, We Offer Suggestions

RV manufacturer Winnebago has seen sales decline 40% in the third quarter, dragging profits down by an astonishing 73%. But what should the manufacturer of hulking, bricklike houses on wheels with no immediate potential for improved fuel economy expect? Although abandoned RVs have become popular housing options in the… »7/02/08 9:40am7/02/08 9:40am

1967 Chevy Impala With ToteMotel Camper For Sale, Seller Doesn't See What's So Damn Funny

When you're trying to sell a beat-to-hell '67 Impala wagon equipped with an even more beat-to-hell ToteMotel camper on the back, you have to figure on a few chuckles from potential buyers. Here we have a seller who feels so confident that his or her Impala/ToteMotel combo will make its reserve price that wisecracking… »5/05/08 4:20pm5/05/08 4:20pm