How Automakers Use a WWI-Era Camo Technique to Disguise Prototype Cars

In the early days of modern warfare, ships protected themselves from German U-boats with wild, eye-catching painted patterns called dazzle. The military moved on to new forms of camo decades ago, but for carmakers, dazzle is still the best way to protect prototype cars from being photographed. » 10/17/14 11:50am 10/17/14 11:50am

Can You Identify The Company Behind The Camo?

Modern day car camouflage has become a work of art. Warhol would be stimulated by the blending of elaborate shapes and lines all overlaid in order to disguise the design that lies beneath. Can you ID the brands behind the camo? » 4/12/13 10:07am 4/12/13 10:07am

There Are Two F-16s Hiding In This Picture

I hope you're not as easily fooled as I am because I totally missed the two F-16s in this picture. I have an excuse! I was totally looking at the left hand side of the picture. And the picture I saw was really small! Like thumbnail-sized! » 5/03/12 11:15am 5/03/12 11:15am

How To Hide The Porsche Panamera’s Ugly

A Dubai tuner has worked out how to enjoy the Porsche Panamera's performance without getting made fun of for its hideous looks. This shades-of-brown camo should blend nicely into a desert background while visually breaking up the heavy design. [CrankandPiston] » 12/01/09 10:30am 12/01/09 10:30am