Corvettamino ZR-1 Is Pulling Our Leg, Still Awesome

Who needs a Pontiac G8 ST when you can have a bitchin' camino-ized C4 Corvette ZR-1? Nobody that's who. Fortunately for our still beating hearts, this is not really a ZR-1 turned truck/car — it's an '84 Vette smooshed together with a '91 with custom molds and bodywork to create that smooth Vettamino effect. According… »5/08/08 11:20am5/08/08 11:20am

DAF vs. FAF: The Dutch Beat the French: The DAF-Tjorvenamino!!!

Go ahead, dude. Seriously, go ahead and even try to front on the quadruple-radical, insane mind-breaking magnitude that is a Dutch/Swedish Camino which started life as a postal van, sports an air-cooled boxer mill and has rubber bands connecting the continuously variable tranny to the rear wheels. Just try it,… »12/12/06 9:15pm12/12/06 9:15pm

DAF vs. FAF: Kicking Davey G. in the FAF: The DAF Pony is Quite Simply the Radness

We hate saying it Davey, but all your FAFaminos are now belongs to us. Actually, with this post we will state that all Frenchcaminos are now the sole property of us, too. The Pony pictured is mechanically identical to the regular DAF micro-car (2-banger air-cooled boxer mill, CVT with rubber bands powering the… »12/11/06 8:00pm12/11/06 8:00pm

LA Auto Show Broke: Drinking, Smoking and Sweating; The Jalopnik Way

While nowhere near the triage conditions of the Paris Media Center, we still dislike press days at auto shows. Our ass hurts, the coffee's cold, we missed lunch, we missed the picture of the really fat journalist loading a plate of food while bitching about the quality and the pole-to-hole ratio is worse than you… »11/29/06 4:52pm11/29/06 4:52pm