Ford GT Designer Camilo Pardo Would Love Another Crack At The GT90

That photo above is Camilo Pardo parking his fifth Ford GT at a Detroit car show last weekend. Before judging the show, I pulled him aside to ask a few questions about how the GT came together. » 9/26/13 3:40pm 9/26/13 3:40pm

Heffner Performance And Camilo Pardo Special Edition Ford GT

Everyone's favorite ponytail-ed Ford designer Camilo Pardo » 11/25/08 12:30pm 11/25/08 12:30pm has teamed up with the twin-turboizing folks at for a very special edition of the already special . The Camilo Pardo Special Edition includes the typical Heffner Performance twin-turbo kit good for 900 HP and a 150 MPH quarter-mile speed. The differences come …

Full Metal Ponytail: Camilo Pardo on Fashion

Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo displayed a number of outfits at Miami Fashion Week along with his Latino-spec Mercury Milan Voga. According to Pardo, "The way the skin wraps around a vehicle is very similar to the way a dress wraps around a figure. It's amazing how close they are." Yeah, Camilo. But we'd rather make out… » 5/25/06 6:30pm 5/25/06 6:30pm

Ponytail Party: Ford GT Designer Guests on Extreme Makeover

There's nothing like downing a quart of H agen-Dazs while watching a five-hanky episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to get in touch with our weepy side. We weren't watching yesterday (sorry, k-hole) when Ford GT designer and pop artist Camilo "Straight out of Central Casting" Pardo appeared on the show to make-over … » 5/08/06 9:19am 5/08/06 9:19am

Camilo Pardo: The Automobile's Andy Warhol?

Camilo Pardo's a scotch-bonnet hot property these days, thanks to his design work on the Ford GT. His art studio is renowned for wild parties, earning odd-but-understandable comparisons to Andy Warhol's Factory. Does that make the GT the three-dimensional equivalent of the Campbell's Soup can? And when's Lou Reed gonna … » 12/20/05 2:25pm 12/20/05 2:25pm