Guy Who Crashed Bugatti Into Lake Selling A Salvage Ford GT With A Ripoff Livery For $1 Million

Remember the infamous “Pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude” incident where the guy crashed a Bugatti Veyron into a lake? Of course you do, good times! Well he’s back, and he’s selling a car. A $1 million car, that basically has one of Ford GT designer Camilo Pardo’s original liveries on it, too. Sort of. Kind of. Almost.… »11/12/15 4:49pm11/12/15 4:49pm


Heffner Performance And Camilo Pardo Special Edition Ford GT

Everyone's favorite ponytail-ed Ford designer Camilo Pardo »11/25/08 12:30pm11/25/08 12:30pm has teamed up with the twin-turboizing folks at for a very special edition of the already special . The Camilo Pardo Special Edition includes the typical Heffner Performance twin-turbo kit good for 900 HP and a 150 MPH quarter-mile speed. The differences come…