Camaro Bests Mustang In June Sales

The General wasn't bluffing when they said the Chevy Camaro might out-perform the 2010 Mustang in early summer sales. The Camaro was the best-selling muscle car in June by more than 1,000 units. » 7/01/09 2:00pm 7/01/09 2:00pm

Chevy Camaro To Beat Ford Mustang In June Sales?

As the Muscle Car Wars continue, GM's struggling to meet demand for the new Chevy Camaro, with some buyers paying heavy premiums on sticker prices. Now GM even thinks it may catch Ford's new 2010 Mustang in monthly sales. » 6/30/09 8:30am 6/30/09 8:30am

GM sold 5,463 Camaros in May, the first month of the sporty car's revival,…