How To Buy A Mint Supercharged Corvette For Half Price, For Real

When it comes to used vehicles, I’ve always said “mileage doesn’t matter” as long as the car’s got good service history and a reputable seller. Here’s a chance to test that theory: GM tuner Callaway is selling development cars, including this near-perfect supercharged Corvette for less than the price of its upgrades. »5/08/15 7:55pm5/08/15 7:55pm

Never Mind The Callaway Porsche 944: 1982 Callaway Scirocco!

UDMan is writing for the CarDomain blog these days, but he's been kind enough to share some of his latest finds with us. The '83 Callaway Porsche 944 we saw earlier today got us in a German Callaway sort of mood, so let's check out this super-rare '82 Callaway Volkswagen Scirocco that UDMan spied while covering a… »12/10/08 11:00am12/10/08 11:00am

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $45,000 Callaway Porsche 944?

Only 23% of you felt that Barack Obama's Chrysler 300C was really worth $100,000 yesterday, and value calculation really is a tough call on a presidential car when the ex-owner isn't even president yet (and there are no photos of him actually driving the thing). Today we're going to explore the concept of rarity; here… »12/10/08 7:30am12/10/08 7:30am

Clarkson Still Thinks America Sucks, We Still Love Him

You ship your typical automotive journalist to Southern California and hand him the keys to a blown Callaway Corvette packing 616 horsepower, you figure you're going to get a review that could be summarized in one word: "AIIIIIEEEE!" You send Jeremy Clarkson, however, and you get a review that starts off with ten… »4/24/08 4:40pm4/24/08 4:40pm