And the Real Winner Is...

LeMons racing's highest award, the Index of Effluency, goes to the vehicle that achieves the most from the least. This time we saw a Daihatsu Charade finish 34th and a Plymouth Belvedere finish 33rd... but one car beat them both. » 8/08/10 11:45pm 8/08/10 11:45pm

Ten Cars To Drive Across The U.S.A.

When we drove from Manhattan to Detroit's Woodward Dream Cruise, it got us thinking about the Holy Grail of American road trips: all the way across the country. It has to be done, but behind the wheel of what? » 8/19/09 5:30pm 8/19/09 5:30pm

Celebrating 450 Old Vehicles Down On The Alameda Street: Detroit Luxury!

The Down On The Street series has been around for a couple years now, and we've seen a good sampling of big ol' Detroit luxury dreadnaughts down on the Alameda street during that time. » 7/12/09 10:30am 7/12/09 10:30am