Chinese Automaker Builds A Terrible Clone Of Cadillac Escalade EXT

China has a long history of making knockoffs, so much so that it's got its own traditions for it under the term "shanzhai." But this mutated attempt at a Cadillac Escalade EXT is so blatantly aspirational that it's wrong. It's as if the Cadillac had a kid with a Ford Ranger, and they named the result "Sloth." »12/22/13 10:41am12/22/13 10:41am


Report: Cadillac Escalade Likely Joining Enclave, Outlook, Traverse On Lambda Platform

That bastion of bling second only to the Hummer H2 »9/09/08 2:40pm9/09/08 2:40pm, the , is being downsized, according to a new report from the folks who forecast trends in motors. The next Escalade would likely be yanked from the current body-on-frame platform and developed instead on the that underpins the , , and . A V8 engine is rumored to…