Mysterious 2011 Cadillac Sedan To Offer Four-Cylinder Engine

Automotive News »8/25/08 9:40am8/25/08 9:40am is reporting that Cadillac is considering a small rear-wheel-drive sedan powered by a four-cylinder engine for the American market. The car could tentatively arrive in mid-2010 as a 2011 model, but the idea of a has at least one high-ranking detractor standing in the way: Jim Taylor, Cadillac General…


UK Channel 4 Reviews Cadillac BLS, Shares The Eurogasm

The chaps at Channel 4 got their hands on a Cadillac BLS, which they call the "first Cadillac to be designed specifically for Europe." This is before admitting that it's a badge re-enginered Saab 9-3/Vauxhall Vectra (a gigantic badge that probably adds 20 pounds to the car). It comes in wagon, which is a first for… »11/08/07 11:00am11/08/07 11:00am