San Diego's Airport Won't Allow 'Stinky' Cab Drivers

Cab drivers in San Diego are upset that they're being subject to body odor tests as one of the criteria that they have to pass in order to work from San Diego's Lindbergh Field. They're saying the rule is prejudicial and discriminatory. What do you think? Should a city hold cabbies to a standard of hygiene? »9/14/14 4:05pm9/14/14 4:05pm


Iraqi Taxi Crushed By Tank, Will Never Park In A Handicap Spot Again

Though we're not sure why this M1 Abrams tank had to crush this lowly Iraqi cab twice, we do know that it's a lot of fun to watch (and we suspect that may have had something to do with it). And before anyone gets upset about us losing the hearts and minds of Iraqi cab drivers, we'd point out that the little cab… »8/06/08 11:15am8/06/08 11:15am

Geely's London Taxi Coming To Detroit Auto Show, Sale In US

Put on your finest top hat governor! Among the cars that Geely will be bringing to the Detroit Auto Show this year is the London Taxi, which as its name suggests is their version of the recognizable black English cab. The Chinese automaker has made a deal with the largest British maker of these cabs (Manganese Bronze… »11/12/07 12:30pm11/12/07 12:30pm

New York Cabbie September Strike Threat Still Looms Over Tip Monitoring GPS System

A couple of weeks ago one of us snagged a cab with a very chatty cabbie on the west side of Manhattan to run uptown and meet some friends for dinner. The driver had a bone to pick with the Big Apple over a new GPS system set to be installed inside city cabs later this year and somehow he thought I could help him make… »7/30/07 9:20am7/30/07 9:20am