Turning a blank Latemodel Stock Car into a Beautiful 2014 Corvette

Since this will be my first post on Oppo, allow me to introduce myself! I am Harris Lue, 21 year old Graphic Design Student at East Carolina University with a huge passion for all things car, and I work for my best friend Kenny Forbes' race team designing his cars and all promotional materials. » 10/17/13 7:36am 10/17/13 7:36am

The 2014 Chevy Corvette Will Debut On January 13th

Yeah, so you've seen the 2014 Corvette because we were the first to show you the C7 in all its uncovered glory. Now Corvette is confirming the obvious, releasing this image of the new crossed-flag badge and letting us know it'll debut on January 13, 2013 as part of the Detroit Auto Show. » 10/18/12 10:30am 10/18/12 10:30am

This Image Will Make You Fall In Love With The 2014 Chevy Corvette

Much to GM's dismay, we've been all over the 2014 Corvette since last November when we showed you exclusive first renders. Then we showed you 2014 Corvette spy photos that confirmed the renders and leaked renders of the nose from a supplier. » 9/05/12 10:30am 9/05/12 10:30am