The Corvette C6.R Comes Out To Play — Err — Practice

With IndyCar's Saturday practice session over here at the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix it's time for the ALMS cars to get a chance to burn up some rubber and turn a tire or two into little rubber pellets for collection in the corners of the Belle Isle track. Ben caught one of the Corvette C6.R's as it gets ready to… » 9/01/07 12:00pm 9/01/07 12:00pm

Johnny O'Connell, Small Screen Star, Tosses Out First Pitch At Last Night's Yankees-Tigers Game

Who knew that In addition to spending time waiting for his Corvette C6.R to drop off a car carrier, Johnny O'Connell could toss a fastball? We asked Johnny last night if he thought he'd thrown a strike and his response left no room for error: "That was definitely a strike!" While it looked more like it just barely… » 8/28/07 9:15am 8/28/07 9:15am