Exclusive Jalopnik Audit Of Clunked Exotics Finds Initial News Reports…

Our exclusive audit of government documents reveals many of the sensational news stories of exotic vehicles crushed under the Cash for Clunkers law were completely false. Our full exclusive report below. » 1/22/10 9:00am 1/22/10 9:00am

The Full List Of Every Cash For Clunkers Trade-In

No "old-school" media outlet bothered providing readers the full list of every car traded-in under the Cash For Clunkers program because it might be too unwieldy. We know Jalopnik readers demand more. Below, the list of all 690,114 trade-ins. » 9/29/09 12:15pm 9/29/09 12:15pm

Ten Most Exotic Cars Destroyed By Cash For Clunkers

Though the most popular vehicle destroyed under Cash For Clunkers was the Ford Explorer, there were also AMGs, Rolls-Royces and even a LaForza crushed. The ten most exotic cars that fools parted with below. Click through if you dare. » 9/23/09 1:00pm 9/23/09 1:00pm

Ford Wants Your Cash For Clunker Explorer Trade-In Stories

Ford wants to hear your "Cash For Clunkers" stories — you know — how you traded in your old, crappy Ford Explorer for one of those nice, fuel-efficient imports. So go ahead, give your stories in the comments below. » 9/08/09 7:15pm 9/08/09 7:15pm

The Broken Windshield Fallacy: A Libertarian Argument Against Cash For…

The US Cash For Clunkers program may be over, but Germany is still running its own version. In an editorial for Wall Street Journal Europe, the Cato Institute’s Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar exposes the program’s misconceptions. » 8/31/09 10:30am 8/31/09 10:30am

It's Over: Ten Most Traded-In, Purchased Cash For Clunkers Cars

Cash For Clunkers is finally over. The final numbers? 690,114 cars were destroyed. Was it a win for America? Sorta. Of the purchases, American cars made up less than 40%. Full details, and most traded-in and purchased cars, below. » 8/26/09 12:00pm 8/26/09 12:00pm

Cash For Clunkers: This Is The End, My Friends

With our long national Cash For Clunkers nightmare finally over at 8:00PM EST, we know it'll be a while 'till we've finished counting the dead and even longer for the church bell at the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral to finish tolling. » 8/24/09 8:00pm 8/24/09 8:00pm

Ten Most Traded-In And Purchased Cash For Clunkers Cars (Almost Over!)

Less than half-a-day left in Cash For Clunkers and the end couldn't come soon enough. According to newest data, recorded dealer transactions jumped by nearly 30% this weekend. That, plus the top traded-in and purchased cars, below. » 8/24/09 1:00pm 8/24/09 1:00pm

Cash For Clunkers: The End Is Nigh!

The long national "Cash For Clunkers" nightmare will officially end at 8:00 PM EST tonight — under 12 hours from now. We've shown you the cold and unfeeling stats. Like before, we want you to show us the damage first-hand. » 8/24/09 9:00am 8/24/09 9:00am

Cash For Clunkers Still Running

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Cash For Clunkers program is still up-and-running. Don't listen to the haters, this program will continue through the weekend. So trade in some crap! [Photo Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya] » 7/31/09 5:30pm 7/31/09 5:30pm

Drink Up With A Cash For Clunkers Cocktail

Yeah, this whole Cash For Clunkers thing makes us want to drink, too. Thankfully, the folks at LemonDrop.com have created an appropriate drink: The Clunker. How do you make one? » 7/31/09 3:30pm 7/31/09 3:30pm

MINI's Snarky Cash For Clunkers Bumper Sticker Is Awesome

This isn't a photoshop. It's an actual bumper sticker MINI's offering to dealers responding to the "Cash For Clunkers" program. Each dealer allowed to decide on their own if it works for them. Somehow we expect they'll use 'em. » 7/31/09 10:30am 7/31/09 10:30am

Cash For Clunkers Program Suspended!

The US government will suspend the popular cash for clunkers program after almost four days, telling Congress they'll burn through the $950 million budget by midnight. UPDATE: The Freep claims White House sources tell them the program's not been suspended. » 7/30/09 7:55pm 7/30/09 7:55pm

Cash For Clunkers Update: 22,782 Trade-Ins, Money May Run Out By…

Like a compressed spring finally releasing its potential energy, Cash For Clunkers has quickly encouraged 22,782 trade-ins for $95.9 million. At this rate, NHTSA forecasts the one billion dollar fund could run dry by early September. » 7/30/09 10:30am 7/30/09 10:30am