Volvo Using Wind Tunnels To Help Save You A Buck At The Pump

It's no secret that a car with slick coefficient of friction will be better on gas. So Volvo decided to build a top-notch wind tunnel in Sweden that they claim is an improvement on traditional test facilities. Volvo's wind tunnel allows a simulated road under the car at-speed, while most tunnels just leave the wheels… »9/25/08 5:00pm9/25/08 5:00pm

Volvo DRIVe Lineup Coming To Paris, Bringing 60 MPG-Plus Fuel Economy With It

The Paris Motor Show »9/09/08 12:00pm9/09/08 12:00pm will see the debut of Volvo's eco-friendly DRIVe models, the sub-120 g/km diesel variants of the C30, S40 and V50. Though lacking in any C02-spewing supercars, Volvo still has to meet mandatory European emissions standards and this new series features a number of clever and straight-forward ways…

Brenda Priddy Ebay Fundraiser To Benefit Wounded Auto Writer

Spy photog and all-around auto industry superstar Brenda Priddy »8/28/08 3:20pm8/28/08 3:20pm is once again in the middle of giving something back to the community, this time raising money to help out auto writer Frank Washington following a brutal assault last month. Washington was left unable to work after he was mugged and stabbed, so Brenda is…