1963 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. We're starting off the new month on a Truck Monday, and we might as well get right back to pickup basics here, with a good ol' Chevy half-ton that lives in the heart of Alameda's… » 12/01/08 9:30am 12/01/08 9:30am

1969 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck

A few months have gone by since we had a Truck Monday featuring a Chevy truck of this era (by the way, Alameda native Belvedere Adrian is old friends with the owner of the '71 Chevy pickup, and he reports that a 454 lurks under its battered hood). For some reason, Alameda has many more mid-60s Chevy trucks than it has… » 6/09/08 8:45am 6/09/08 8:45am

1965 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck

While we saw a Chevy truck about a month ago, the most recent Chevy pickup truck was way back in February. So today we're going to head over to a part of Alameda I've mostly ignored in this series (save for the '72 Mercury Monterey): Bay Farm Island (if you're an Alameda old-timer) aka Harbor Bay Isle (if you prefer a… » 5/05/08 9:00am 5/05/08 9:00am

A Quartet Of Chevy Pickups Down On The Denver Street

Since Truck Monday has been a Down On The Street tradition for quite a few weeks, we might as well extend the concept to DOTS Bonus Edition. And who else but Denver's Kitt could go out and find not just one but four cool old Chevy pickups for us? We got what appears to be a '69, a '70, a '72, and a '77, each earning… » 3/31/08 1:30pm 3/31/08 1:30pm

1966 Chevrolet C10 Pickup Truck

Welcome to another DOTS Truck Monday! Even though we had a Chevy truck here just a few weeks ago, the reality on Alameda's streets is that at least half of the old pickups you see on the island were made by The General. That means we're going to see more GMC and Chevrolet trucks than those made by other manufacturers.… » 2/18/08 9:00am 2/18/08 9:00am