Detroit Auto Show Preview: Nevermind The Embargo Or The Bollocks, It's The Jaguar C-XF Concept Car!

Although it's got an embargo with more holes than that mesh front grille, the newly un-embargoed Jaguar C-XF concept car, according to Ian Callum, Jag's Director of Design, "evokes instant desire." While we dunno yet if we agree, we do know it's definitely showing a look or two that scream "classic classy" Jag (like… »1/03/07 10:56am1/03/07 10:56am

Oh No You Di'int! Jaguar C-XF Photos Hit, C&D Scoop Thwarted!

Hoo boy. We're just going to hide out in Miss Kitty's room, lest we get caught in tonight's saloon gunfight between Edmunds "Take That, Tree Killer" Inside Line and Car "We Bitchslapped the Interweb" and Driver. Following today's high-profile online reveal of C&D's copyrighted layout imagery of the Jaguar C-XF… »12/22/06 10:27pm12/22/06 10:27pm