Riding In A Hot Metal Bathtub At 120 MPH Across Italy Is Glorious

I’m watching a Lancia Ypsilon come right at me, leading a line of other cars. As we barrel toward the Lancia, we’re passing cars on my right: Gullwings, Alfas, sinuous, low red blurs. The sound is deafening, a massive muffler rumbling just to my left and wind all around. I glance at the speedo and see the needle… »5/27/15 3:15pm5/27/15 3:15pm


Long Live the Replicants: Proteus to Build a Jag C-Type Coupe

We've heard tell of near-flawless examples of vintage Jaguar reproductions from the UK's Proteus Cars. The company made its name recreating models from Jag's halcyon days, back When Sir William Lyons and crew built sumptuous cars worth twice the price. Now, the company — recently bought by rival Enduro Cars — will… »3/21/07 12:42pm3/21/07 12:42pm