1971 Chrysler Newport Royal: Makes Buying Chryslers Like Eating Salted Peanuts!

The Newport Royal was priced a couple hundred bucks lower than the regular Newport; it came with less gingerbread and a 360 instead of the 383 engine, but was otherwise the same car. See, that's to get you hooked »8/27/08 11:00am8/27/08 11:00am on Chryslers; the guy who buys the Royal now will go on to buy a Corboba a few years later, and by now…


1971 Chrysler Newport Royal, With DOTS of the Week Poll

I've found quite a few early-70s big Chryslers on the island, including this '71 Newport 4-door, so it's time to get another one of of these Detroit survivors its day of fame. I found this '71 Newport Royal 2-door hardtop in the same neighborhood as the '42 Pontiac Torpedo, and it parks on the street every day- no… »4/25/08 9:00am4/25/08 9:00am