What is your favorite performance car of the 1990s?

By 1990 the malaise era was long over and you were able to walk into a car dealership and purchase a variety of different vehicles with legitimate performance potential. Although many cars of the 1990s have since been overshadowed by the more potent vehicles offered in the 2000s, the decade had it's share of great… » 11/05/11 5:00pm 11/05/11 5:00pm

2008 Citroën C5, Reviewed

A 6-speed manual-equipped wagon that's big enough to hold all your enfants terrible, gets 34 mpg (US) and has hydropneumatic suspension? Of course it's not sold here. But the folks over at Popular Mechanics did get the chance to test a 2008 Citroën C5 during a rainy English holiday, discovering that the big Frenchie… » 6/12/08 1:00pm 6/12/08 1:00pm

Citroen C5 Touring Must Be French For "Hard To Fold Seats"

The new Citroen C5 Touring is by all rights a big time traveler: comfy seats, a really nice panoramic skylight, all the modern luxury accoutrements, sleek styling if you're into the French thing, and plenty of toting space. The Achilles heel of the car is the folding seats, though. When the fronts seats are positioned… » 3/05/08 2:15pm 3/05/08 2:15pm

Who Will Service Your Sinclair C5?

How embarrassing. Sinclair's next big thing in the 80's, the Sinclair C5, can be serviced alongside your vacuum cleaner (wonder if this service promise holds up for the jet powered version). Something tells us that nobody with any kind of marketing skills was involved in this ad. 'Hey, let's associate our funny shaped, … » 1/04/08 1:00pm 1/04/08 1:00pm

SEMA 2007: Factory Five Racing Unveils New GTM Show Car Ahead Of SEMA

The beans continue to spill on the custom and project cars we'll be seeing first hand this week at the SEMA show. The latest batch of over-baked legumes are these shots of Factory Five Racing's GTM show kit car. If you'll remember, the current GTM's a factory kit car built with bits and pieces of late model '97 to 2004 … » 10/27/07 1:45pm 10/27/07 1:45pm

Citroen C5, France's Mondeo Fighter

Just as expected, the new Citroën C5 is a close as twins to the C5 Airscape Concept Citroën showed off in Frankfurt this year. That means it's both better looking and less distinctive than previous-generation models. Some might be tempted to describe the latters' distinctiveness as bare-buttocks ugly, though others call… » 10/18/07 9:15am 10/18/07 9:15am

More on the Citroen C5 Airscape Concept

Oh, you thought you were done with the hybrid Citröen C5 Airscape concept? Not even close, Johnny. Following last week's leak, Citröen's now releasing details on the car that hearkens the company's next C5. A flurry of adjectives accompany the release, including sophisticated, elegant, powerful and exclusive. As… » 9/06/07 1:32pm 9/06/07 1:32pm

Going Underground: Corvette, Mountaineer Found in Denver's Dirt

Nope, it's not some literal interpretation of "Need for Speed Underground"; it's a manner of automotive graveyard, which police in Denver unearthed yesterday. Acting on an anonymous tip, authorities found the remains of a stolen C5 Corvette (pictured) and a Mercury Mountaineer. Both had been stripped for parts. Forensic… » 5/18/06 8:19am 5/18/06 8:19am